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Santa Barbara

Kari Acuri

I feel childbirth is a key life experience that a woman will always remember and for each child we only get to experience it once. In labor, when a women feels supported they are empowered and are able to draw on this strength to birth their baby in a way that feels natural and safe to them. I am passionate about supporting women on this journey emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is a spiritual experience. My goal is to be the calming presence that helps moms have the birth experience they envision.

I am a DONA trained doula working toward my certification. I have experience in hospital, home birth and birth center births. I became interested in supporting women in childbirth following the birth of my first child. I now have three children; two were born at a free standing birth center and one at home. Im fortunate to be able to draw on the personal experience of the three different (yet very similar) ways our babies came into the world. They are all blessings.

I am always honored to be chosen as a part of someone's birth team.

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